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Devin Smith, Founder of Lifted KC


Who would have ever thought that this would be MY life? As a little girl I always imagined myself being a lawyer. I loved talking and still love arguing! But as I grew older, I gravitated to my hobby, event planning. I loved everything about the control it brought. I was a control freak!


It wasn't until I had my control snatched away from me after having my third child in 2016. That whole pregnancy was TOUGH! So tough that for 6 months I was placed on bed rest due to complications with my pregnancy. Having to surrender my role as homemaker, mother, cooker, planner and every other hat I wore was devastating. It triggered something in me that was obviously dormant from past traumas experienced as a child.


Having no control of my day to day, not being able to cook for my family or clean my home was a shameful experience that quickly turned humbling. Finding the positive in the situation made me grateful that I had family and friends that were willing to come to my assistance in areas I was used to handling. After having my son, I experienced extended pain from the complications of the cesarean section I had. Two weeks in, finally home from the hospital, my son laid less than a foot from me crying in the bed,but I was in so much pain that I was unable to stretch my arm and comfort him. This was the most humiliating, shameful, worthless feeling a mother could have --- The inability to comfort her own newborn.


That's when it hit me, “I can’t even help him, maybe it'll be better if I’m not here.” So, with that feeling I mustered the strength to roll out the bed and walk to my balcony where I was ready to end my life by jumping from 3 stories up. That God for the small voice that said “You aren't even gonna die, just jump, break bones and be laying there looking STUPID”. It sounds kind of harsh, but it was everything I needed at that moment to get me back in the house and call for help!

THAT, is where my help began. THAT is where my journey to healing began. It wasn't easy, I actually had to speak with several therapists until I found the one that specializes in postpartum depression. It was in that moment that I said I want to do something so that no one has to experience so many obstacles just to get help. AND there is where Lifted was birthed. We are here to connect the community to the available resources within their community as well as identifying each resource’s focus to ensure they are connecting to the population that needs their service. 


We are in this together. No one has to suffer ALONE or in SILENCE!


We look forward to serving you,





Lisa Midgyett

Dr. Tamela Ross

Donita Terry

Devin Rambo

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